About US

The Guys

In 2019 two life-long friends, REW and John, began the journey of creating a beef snack that was both delicious and healthy.  They wanted it to appeal to adults and kids, athletes and weekend warriors, outdoor enthusiasts and gamers, and anyone looking for a great snack.

It took over a year to perfect the recipes, the cooking processes, and the consistency they desired.  Once satisfied with the outcome, they began to establish a retail footprint.

In January 2021, the guys began marketing The WagBar through social media and selling online.  The online sales have continued to grow month over month and now exceed retail sales.

REW and John are deeply committed to helping feed those in need.  They have partnered with local and international not for profit organizations to facilitate this passion.  It is due to this commitment that every bar has “Beef with Purpose.”

Doing it the Right Way

We worked for over a year on the WagBar recipe until we got a clean beef snack thats as delicious as it is nutritious.

Our beef is 100% American Wagyu and contains absolutely NO antibiotics, NO nitrates, or added hormones.

Cattle eat a 100% vegetarian diet.

The WagBar has 14 to 15 grams of protein and ONLY 90 calories.

Giving Back

The WagBar dedicated to helping those who are hungry.

We donate WagBars to IRON GATE, our community food bank, to be distributed to the homeless.

We donate to FEED MY STARVING CHILDREN, an international nonprofit, to help feed orphaned children around the world.

We work with our social media marketing affiliates to help address local needs throughout the United States.